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Hacker Residency with Chaincode

I’m excited today to announce that, for a few months this coming fall, I will be taking up residency with Chaincode Labs in New York on sabbatical from Blockstream. Even more exciting - we’re looking for people to come join the fun!

Chaincode Labs has been doing excellent protocol-level Bitcoin development for several years, and now has some of the top contributors to Bitcoin Core. In that time, Chaincode Labs has become an intensely supportive environment1 without distraction where developers can work on protocol-level Bitcoin development.

Starting the second week in September (the 12th) and finishing just before Scaling Bitcoin in Milan (Oct 7th), we’re looking for established developers (Bitcoin experience preferred) who want to immerse themselves full-time in Bitcoin.

If you’ve wanted to contribute to Bitcoin Core but found the idea daunting, or want to spend more time designing protocols based on Bitcoin, thinking about edge cases and security models with some of the top minds in Bitcoin, this is an excellent opportunity.

There will be a series of talks on various Bitcoin technologies and protocol design elements, not to mention great conversation over lunch. Primarily, though, plan to learn by doing - contributing to Bitcoin Core, FIBRE, or whatever Bitcoin projects you find interesting while collaborating with established Core developers.

Some limited stipends to defray the costs of travel/lodging may be available.

If this sounds like something you want to do (and, seriously, who wouldn’t?) please send a general overview of your background as well as some ideas of what Bitcoin projects you find exciting to

  1. “intensely supportive environment” being an actual quote from someone who has spent a few months with Chaincode contributing to Bitcoin Core.